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5000 Series Freight Car Kit Bundles

As we add more kits to the Freight Car line, the combination of parts required to complete the car becomes more complex. Cannon has made major bulk purchases of some of those harder to get parts (such as roofs, under frames, Atlas/Branchline ends, and Moloco Draft gear) and has been offering them as separate parts. Some customers notice that these parts are available at the time of the order of the basic 4xxx series kit and order these other parts too. Others don’t notice this and end up placing another separate order. Selling this combination of loose parts live at shows got complicated.

 So Cannon is pleased to announce the addition of Kit Bundles in the 5xxx series, with the last two digits the same as the 4xxx series. These bundles include all the parts we have purchased as noted above in one package. This is NOT everything needed, such as trucks, couplers, steps and decals. Those are the more readily available hobby shop item and/or items the customer would be likely to have on hand. The price of the bundles varies with each car depending on what is included, and the total is the same as if bought separately from Cannon.

SD40-2 and SD40T-2 Tread plates.

We offer tread and step sets for the Athearn SD40-2. The original set ST-2005 was designed to fit the Blue Box version and RTR versions up to mid 2007 Athearn production. These are the one piece bodies with a generic 88 inch nose. In 2007 Athearn introduced RTR versions of the SD40-2 that were much improved. They are now offering four different nose lengths. They also applied these changes to the SD40T-2. As such it was necessary for us to add a new set for the revised model while still offering the ST-2005 tread set for the previous models. ST-2036 is for the new production SD40-2 with the 88 inch nose.

New sets were also designed for the SD40T-2, with ST-2030 for the 81 inch nose version, and ST-2031 for the 88 inch versions. To cover the 116 and 123 inch nose versions, supplemental nose pieces are available with ST-2032 for 116 inch and ST-2033 for 123 inch nose versions. These can also be used with ST-2036 for the SD40-2 to model the 116 and 123 inversions. For 81 inch versions of the SD40-2 one additional nose piece ST-2034 provides that nose tread. I hope this helps clarify these parts.

1001 thru 1009 Hood Doors

The original hood doors were very accurate and had the detail on the inside representing the frame. However these were hard to use, since they trapped solvent fumes which warped the thin styrene. Gordon modified the tooling to make them solid and renumbered them 1011 thru 1017 (and added 1020). There was no change to 1008 and 1009, but they were renumbered at the same time. The old numbers were discontinued. However I do have some stock of some of these available. If you have a project that needs open doors, send me an E-mail and I can quote availability.


1803 is currently out of stock

PRODUCT APPLICATION LIST. The following link will direct you to a PDF that lists what parts are used on specific engines. There may be some cases where the railroad ordered a different option, but this list should get you started in the right direction. 
Product Application List

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Parts List

Click Here for PDF of complete Diesel Parts List

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I'm Retired but Cannon and Company is still done Part TimeTime. Shipping is not done every day. Sometime orders are processed promptly if I happen to be shipping and I have the parts in stock. Other times parts may need to be run and packed and that can take anywhere from a few days to a week or more depending on work load and shop scheduling as parts and kits are run in batches. If orders are going to be delayed beyond a couple weeks, I try and send an e-mail. I hope you understand.

Shipping Charge Changes

Shipping is done via USPS Priority Mail. They just raised their rates and eliminated the on-line discount. Due to the increases in USPS Fees and other material costs it became necessary to increase the Shipping and Handling Fee effective February 1, 2020 to $10.00 for Domestic Shipping via Priority Mail.

The International fees increased dramatically unfortunately I have to pass them along. 

Canada is now $36.00, Europe, Asia and South America International orders are now $42.00  and Mexico is now $36.00 for International Priority Mail.

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