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Freight Car Parts

We have been expanding our product line besides Diesel Parts, with the addition of Freight Car parts and Laser Cut Freight Car Kits. These will only be available direct through the shopping cart.

Note: As these are available they will be added to the shopping cart.

Injection Molded Styrene Freight Car Parts
BE-3001 is a Plate C end used on manybox cars. $5.00 a Pair.
BE-3002 is a Plate F Bifurcated end. $5.00 a Pair.
BD-3003 8 Ft Plug Door for a PFE R-70-13. $4.00 a Pair.
BD-3004 10 Ft Plug Door, includes Laser Cut door hardware. $5.00 a Pair.

Photo Etched Parts
FE-3501 Flat Car Tie Down - Loop Style $3.75 for 40 Sets
FE-3502 Flat Car Tie Down - Forged Style $3.75 for 80 Pcs

Laser Cut Freight Car Kits

These are HO Laser Cut Craftsman Kits, for the sides ONLY, similar to those offered several years ago by Modelers Choice. Additional parts will be required to complete, including roofs, underframes, trucks, couplers, etc. Some kits will include Cannon Ends or Doors as noted. I am also able to supply some additional parts (see below).

FC-4001 SP/SSW B-100-7 50 Ft Plug Door Box Car. Also good for B-70-10, & B-70-15. Includes BD-3004 Doors. $18.00 Requires Hydra Cushion Underframe, available as AT-3101. AVAILABLE
FC-4002 SP/SSW B-70-16 Combo Door 50 ft Box Car.  Includes Doors $20.00 AVAILABLE
FC-4003 SP/SSW B-70-14 / B-70-26 Double 8 Ft Sliding Door 50 ft Box Car. Includes Doors $20.00 AVAILABLE
FC-4004 SP B-70-22 Double Plug Door Box Car. Includes Doors $20.00
FC-4005 BN/GN 50 ft, Plate C, 8&6 ft Plug Door, Outside Post Box Car. Includes Cannon 3001 Plate C Ends. Requires Hydra Cushion Underframe, available as AT-3101.$20.00 AVAILABLE
FC-4006 SP/SSW B-70-30 50 ft, Plate C, Double 8 ft Plug Door, Outside Post Box Car. Includes Cannon 3001 Plate C Ends. $20.00
FC-4008 ATSF Bx-145 Precision Design 8&6 ft Plug Door 50 ft Box Car $18.00AVAILABLE.

FC-4015  NP 5300-5699 8 Plug & 6Youngstown Plate B  Waffles (inc Kadee Door) $22.00 AVAILABLE
FC-4017 MILW 52510-52834 PC&F Box Car w/ 10ft YSD & Plate B Cannon Ends. 8 Panel. $23.00 AVAILABLE

FC-4020 NP 3882-3999  8 Plug & 6Youngstown Plate B (inc Kadee Door) $20.00


Kit Bundles

These kits are also available as Bundles including the parts below that go with each kit. See Shopping Cart for Details

Additional Parts for the Kits

We have purchased a limited supply of other manufacturers parts to make available from Cannon to make gathering the parts required for completition easier. See Kit Shopping Cart Page for a parts list .

AT-3101 Athearn Genesis Hydra Cushion Underframe (shortened to fit kit) $8.00 Good for 4001, 4002, 4004, 4005, 4006 and some 4003.
AT-3102 Athearn Genesis Ladder Sprue. $3.00
AC-3103 Accurail 107 50 Ft Non Overhanging Diagonal Panel Roof. $2.49. Good for 4002, & 4003.
AC-3104 Accurail 120 50 floor and Detail. $3.98 Good for Some 4003.
BL-3105 Branchline/Atlas 100002 R3/4 Improved Dreadnaught Ends w/ Ladders. $5.00
BL-3106 Branchline/Atlas 100016 Side Ladder Set. $3.00
BL-3107 Branchline/Atlas 100005 50ft Non OH Diagonal Roof. $3.00
MO-3108 Moloco RF-0801 50ft Overhanging Diagonal Roof $5.00
MO-3109 Moloco DG-0412 PC&F Draft Gear. $6.95
AT-3110 Athearn Genesis Pullman Standard Bow-Tie Roof $5.00