Cannon & Company
Diesel Detail Components


Welcome to Cannon & Company. In the spirit of Cannon & Company founder, the late Gordon Cannon, I strive to provide the highest quality in diesel detail components.  When Gordon founded the company in the 1980’s, he launched an innovative line of accurately rendered, precision injection molded styrene parts that can be used to either replace existing parts for improved accuracy on commercially available HO scale diesel locomotives, or to build a complete locomotive from parts. The choice is yours.

Gordon’s skills as a toolmaker set a standard unparalleled in the industry. His skill and the precision parts he tooled, resulted in the addition of the verb “Cannonize”, in the lexicon of the hobby, which means replacing parts with higher quality Cannon & Company parts.

As the product line expanded over the years, precision photo etched parts were added as supplemental parts, as in the case of the etched grills in the radiator and dynamic brake fans, or as stand alone etchings for the diamond tread deck kits or raw stock and see through step sets. The addition of etchings enhances, and adds detail to your model beyond that of molded parts.

As the new owner of Cannon & Company, my commitment to maintain Gordon’s legacy is without compromise. I will continue to produce the unparalleled line of parts that Gordon created, and I will expand the line with product that will complement the existing parts in both accuracy and fidelity.

With the purchase of the business, I have moved the operation from Aptos, CA, to Trabuco Canyon, CA, in Southern California.  All manufacturing and shipping will be conducted from this location.

Thank you for your continued support,

David Hussey
December 2006